1) Futuristic Energy Conversion and Storage System


          New age electrocatalyst for Polymer Exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)

          Advanced electrode material for Li battery systems : Li-ion, Li-air, Na-ion battery, Li-S, Li-P

          Carbonaceous material for Supercapacitor electrode.

          Nanostructured material for Photocatalytic hydrogen generation



2) Nanostructured Materials


          Synthesis of New Material for Future Energy Conversion and Storage: Nanostructured Porous carbon, Metal or Metal Oxide Nanostructures.



  3) Advanced Electrode Catalysts


          Development of Electrode Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR), Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) : Heteroatom-doped (N, P, S, I ...) Carbon, Non-precious Metal coordinated heteroatom doped Carbon (Fe-N, Fe-P, Fe-S ...), Metal or Metal Oxide Nanostructures (TiOx, SnOx, PtOx, Mn